Immediate stress busters – everyone can try

As we are living in a busy world, stress is a part and parcel of our lives. From students to an employed person, everyone in today’s life live under immense stress of work, study and other achievements. Sometimes it gets so hard that tension builds up inside our mind and head and we start losing our natural work ability as well as sanity. To remain focused and balanced, we really need get rid of the stress.717339_61226081

A healthy lifestyle, rest and exercise will help you to live a stress free life. However, in some situations you feel the need of immediate stress busters. It can be done with a simple brain stress balls, chewing gums, green tea or cushion pillow. Here is how they can help –

  1. Green Tea –Tea/ coffee adds in the stress build up that’s happening inside. Replace your caffeine supply with green tea. The herbal liquid will clear your brain and refresh your mind in each sip. It contains L-Theanine that helps relieve the tension, anger and other unhealthy emotions.
  2. Tasty mangos do help –Yes the mouthwatering fruit will serve to your taste buds and also help you relieve the stress naturally. Just get one, peel it and bite into a juicy fruit and it will work instantly. It has a compound called linalool that is immensely effective to reduce anxiety.
  3. Chewing gum –it works wonderfully by keeping your gum busy. You can try any flavor, minty, fruity or anything that you like. It will help in lowering the stress level.

Brain stress balls –The cute soft balls with different shapes and size have amazing effect to release tension. When you hold brain stress balls on your fist and squeeze, they gradually cool down your anxious mind by manipulating the nerves and distracting your mind as well as relaxing the body. It works almost instantly.


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