How a stress ball can help with stress-busting?

Nowadays stress is the most common issue with majority of Americans. The hectic schedule, busy lifestyle and excessive work pressure keep you away from the essential rest you need. Even the kids are struggling with the same. It can be work, study or personal reasons what leads to gradual stress build-up inside our body and mind. Proper sleep, regular exercise and balanced diet can help with keeping good stress-free life. However, if you are in tension for a particular reason and needs relaxation urgently, Promotional stress balls can help. These small, soft balls are amazingly effective to reduce the anxiety and calm down tensed mind.get_promotional_items_large.asp

How the balls work and help in calming down?

A stress ball is small enough to hold in your fist. You can simply carry it to your school, collage or workplace or keep it in your own desk/ cubicles. When you tighten the grip over it, the hand and wrist muscles tighten up and it relaxes as soon as you release the ball. The repetitive squeezing and relaxing gradually lessen the stress. Playing with the stress ball stimulates the nerves in the hands and eventually manipulates the nerves in the brain, especially the limbic region that affects one’s emotions. This works like acupressure where stimulating is done in a certain portion of body and it affects the other parts. The brain stimulation release endorphins that functions as natural pain reliever in our body.

If you are within a heated conversation or nerve-racking phone call, clutch it and continue squeezing until you start feeling cool. Also, Promotional stress balls divert your mind your mind from the tensed situation for a little time and you will concentrate on the ball instead of focusing on the reason of the mess. The diversion actually releases the stress building-up inside.


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