Small things that can be great stress-buster

Living in 21st century life, stress is a part of all of our lives. No matter how hard we try, we can’t avoid having stress in daily basis. However, with little effort we can burst the piled up stress and live a stress-free life. No matter if you are generating tension from your work, study or personal life, a healthy lifestyle will help to lower the anxiety level that keeps you active and fresh all the way. 7-8 hours of sleep, regular exercise/ yoga/ medication, and balanced diet help you to live a tension-free life.custom-stress-balls

However, there are some moments when things start to be tensed and you need to have a stress-buster solution immediately. For such situations, you can use simple and small things that work wonderfully to relieve the stress build-up within a few minutes. A simple chewing gum or a tiny custom stress ball can do big and positive differences. Check out how.

  1. Have a sip of herbal tea-

If you sense increasing stress within your body or mind, just take a break and have a soothing sip on green tea. Its chemical component naturally turns down the anger, anxiety and negative emotion and keeps you cool. It also refreshes your senses naturally. Don’t drink tea or coffee in stressed condition. They may add to your tension.

  1. Chewing gum –

Yes, they help. Just get one of any flavor you like. Minty, strawberry or general bubble gum taste and keep chewing. A few minutes of chewing reduce the stress that was forming in your mind and body.

  1. Brain stress balls –

These are tiny cute-looking balls that you can carry in your bag or simply keep in your desk. When stress is making its way to your body/mind, just grab one Custom stress ball, squeeze it and then remove the pressure from it. The repetitive action manipulates the nerves and cools down your body as well as the mind in a short while.


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