How to Stay Calm in Workplace – 5 Things to do

If your workplace looks like a pressure cooker to you and your brain is bursting with the workload and tension, just stop and do something to end this immediately. Don’t let yourself get smashed under the stress. It might be leading you to serious health and mental issues. Here are a few easy tips that anyone can use and you don’t need to put any extra effort for doing them.$T2eC16J,!yUE9s6NEGQMBSD!72CCZw~~60_35

  1. Take a break and take rest

If you have a lot work to do within rigid timeline and taking a break is simply impossible, think twice. When you are doing too much, your brain is getting tired and the anxiety making it even worse. Tension and exhaustion both is enemy of concentration. So, just take a five minutes break, walk around, take deep breath or simply take a nap. This will help you to make a fresh start.

  1. Sip green tea and relax

People often start drinking tea, coffee or alcohol under stress. This actually aggravates the problem. Replace your regular caffeine with green tea. Organic tea is not only good for overweight people but it has good influence on human emotions too. It can help control your anger and anxiety in hard time.

  1. Mouthful snacks don’t hurt much

Munching snacks is actually good when you are tensed. You can make the snack time healthy by skipping sugary or salty snacks and have almonds, cashew, celery sticks instead. Sometimes you can indulge on dark chocolate.

  1. Play with stress balls

Stress relief balls are soft, tiny balls that you can carry at your work easily. Whenever you feel the stress is building up inside your head, just get hold of it and start squeezing it gently. This manipulates your brain nerves and gradually calms your senses. Just keep repeating the action of pressing and relieving the ball until you feel light and stress-free.

  1. Listen to music

Music is the ultimate stress reliever. If anything is not available, just get the headphone on and listen to your favorite songs. Soft melodies naturally calm down the disturbed mind and you feel good within a while.


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