How to reduce stress build-up in 10 minutes!

Let’s admit we all face those moments when tension creeps in our head. Our heart beat rises, brain activity impairs and we feel helpless. American Psychological Association (APA) has already declared stress as a real threat to everyone. People from different age groups, occupation, social and economical status can be equally affected by excessive stress!pu_strong_style_color_b82220_stress_ball_strong_printed_your_strong_style_color_b82220_logo_strong

Doctor recommends a balanced diet, eight hours of sound sleep, and exercise for living a healthy, stress-free life. However, this would take extra time and effort. People with a hectic schedule who need to run errands every day can hardly follow doctor’s advice. In such cases, there are few easy ways that can be effective for reducing anxiety instantly.

  1. Slurping honey

Honey has natural composition that can lower the tension and makes you feel light in a few minutes.

  1. Eating mango

Tasty and juicy mango is the most delicious way to get rid of stress problems. Eat the golden fruit whenever you start stressing up and you will feel good in no time.

  1. Munching snacks

Not just any junk but healthy snacks such as nuts, almonds etc can effectively reduce the stress instantly.

  1. Taking a nap

If nothing is available near to you, just take a five minutes nap. This would be enough for keeping the stress away.

  1. Creative imagination

You can try this technique to distract your mind and escape in fantasy world for few minutes. Beautiful imagination can remove anxiety from your head.

  1. Squeezing stress balls

Squeezing these soft balls manipulates your brain nerves in positive manner and helps you to relax. You may get personalized stress balls free with some other products as a promotional gift!

  1. Cold water therapy

If you are in verge of breaking down in tensed moment, just head towards the washroom and pour cold water on your wrist and behind the years. The nerves around these places are directly attached to the brain. Cool water calms down the mind immediately.


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