Spend Less For Stress Relief Using Personalized Stress Balls

Stress balls are used to relieve oneself from the stress and tension that are pent up within by repeated squeezing and rolling with hands. These squishy balls are also called as stress relievers, personal stress balls, stress relief balls or stress toys. Some variations of these balls are the Chinese balls, steel balls, and musical balls.

The original stress balls had bubbles within that were formed as a result of foam formation using polyurethane foam rubber, and which gave the ball it’s “squidgy” feeling. Nowadays, one can come across stress balls made from gel or flour-like material that are contained within rubber, cloth or balloon-like skin.

For proper use, it is important that the texture and robustness of these gift items are maintained. Although, the common shape in which these items are found are in the form of a sphere, they are also available in almost any shape, color, and sizes. Due to the availability of a wide array of these balls, it would do well to select the one that meets your specific requirements. Hence, if a cab driver is sitting on the wheel for a long period, he or she would benefit from using a firmer stress ball, especially if it is elongated in shape, which he could use it on his back to get relief from stiffness. On the other hand, a senior citizen could get relief from arthritis in their hands by using a softer ball that has nodules on it to get the massage of hand’s reflex points by using it repeatedly. However, most would find smaller, hard balls like the musical or Chinese balls quite a good option, though petite folk could go for other types of stress balls. It must be noted that stress balls are not toys, in spite of having bright colors and should not be given to children to play.

Nowadays, stress balls are widely used as tools to get relief from stress. One good reason for this is that modern lifestyle has led more number of people to suffer from stress. In fact, stress is a big health problem found in the US today, and the same could be found in an increasing number in many other western countries as well. The reason behind this condition is that a greater number of people are feeling the pressure as they work for long working hours with less time to get relief from the mental or psychological stress.

The good thing about personal stress balls is that they are simple, portable and small in sizes. These balls are cheaper compared to most other gift items and are available in different bright colors. While some are available in glitter, some others vibrate. All that is required is to squeeze the ball and relieve the tension away that is built all through the day. Computer workers will find these balls quite helpful to their repetitive strains they suffer all through the day.


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