Why Personalized Stress Balls Should Be Offered To Stressed-Out People

Personalized stress balls are widely used by stressed out users to get relief from built-up stress and tension. These squishy balls are rolled and squeezed repeatedly in the palms of the hands and are known by different names like stress relievers, stress relief balls, stress toys. Some variations of stress balls include the musical balls, Chinese balls, and steel balls.

The original stress balls were made using polyurethane foam rubber that contained the bubbles formed when the foam was produced, giving the balls the “squidgy” feel to it. However, different versions of the ball are increasingly being made these days. The newer versions of these balls are made using gel or flour-like substance kept within a rubber, cloth or skin in the form of a skin. The proper use of stress balls lies with the texture and robustness. Also, the common shape of this popular gift item remains spherical, but one can also find these balls in almost every possible shape, and in different sizes and color. And due to the presence or balls that vary widely, it makes sense to select the one that meets your specific needs.

Hence, for the driver of a cab, the best option would be to select an elongated stress ball for using it in the small back of his body to stop stiffness from setting in that results from long sitting. In contrast, an aged person having arthritis in their hands would do well to select a softer ball that has nodules on the surface that would help in giving massage to the reflex points existing in the hands when used. Most people would find smaller balls like the musical or Chinese balls easy to use, though petite people could find other types of balls much easier.

Stress balls should not be considered as toys, in spite of their bright colors, and they should not be used by children. Nowadays, stress balls are increasingly being used as a tool to get relief from stress. Of course, the most common reason for this is the increasing number of people suffering from stress due to modern lifestyle. In fact, stress remains as one of the leading health problems in the United States and also in the western European countries due to increased stress levels and consequent illnesses. The reason for this situation is the increased level of mental or psychological pressure that people feel which they find it quite hard to get rid of, especially when the working hours are longer, with less time to get relief from stress.

Personalized stress balls are small and portable and they come at a price that is affordable and in lots of bright colors. While some stress balls are available with integral sparkle glitter, there are some that also vibrate when used. Mere squeezing of a stress ball repetitively can relieve the tension and stress that builds up during tight working. Stress balls are also used to prevent injuries arising from the repetitive strain that is often found among computer users.


Spend Less For Stress Relief Using Personalized Stress Balls

Stress balls are used to relieve oneself from the stress and tension that are pent up within by repeated squeezing and rolling with hands. These squishy balls are also called as stress relievers, personal stress balls, stress relief balls or stress toys. Some variations of these balls are the Chinese balls, steel balls, and musical balls.

The original stress balls had bubbles within that were formed as a result of foam formation using polyurethane foam rubber, and which gave the ball it’s “squidgy” feeling. Nowadays, one can come across stress balls made from gel or flour-like material that are contained within rubber, cloth or balloon-like skin.

For proper use, it is important that the texture and robustness of these gift items are maintained. Although, the common shape in which these items are found are in the form of a sphere, they are also available in almost any shape, color, and sizes. Due to the availability of a wide array of these balls, it would do well to select the one that meets your specific requirements. Hence, if a cab driver is sitting on the wheel for a long period, he or she would benefit from using a firmer stress ball, especially if it is elongated in shape, which he could use it on his back to get relief from stiffness. On the other hand, a senior citizen could get relief from arthritis in their hands by using a softer ball that has nodules on it to get the massage of hand’s reflex points by using it repeatedly. However, most would find smaller, hard balls like the musical or Chinese balls quite a good option, though petite folk could go for other types of stress balls. It must be noted that stress balls are not toys, in spite of having bright colors and should not be given to children to play.

Nowadays, stress balls are widely used as tools to get relief from stress. One good reason for this is that modern lifestyle has led more number of people to suffer from stress. In fact, stress is a big health problem found in the US today, and the same could be found in an increasing number in many other western countries as well. The reason behind this condition is that a greater number of people are feeling the pressure as they work for long working hours with less time to get relief from the mental or psychological stress.

The good thing about personal stress balls is that they are simple, portable and small in sizes. These balls are cheaper compared to most other gift items and are available in different bright colors. While some are available in glitter, some others vibrate. All that is required is to squeeze the ball and relieve the tension away that is built all through the day. Computer workers will find these balls quite helpful to their repetitive strains they suffer all through the day.

Increase Brand Awareness With Promotional Stress Balls

As part of marketing strategy, stress balls work as an ideal marketing tool to help in brand promotion and business development. Their popularity could be gauged from the fact that these items are the best-selling promotional products for the many years of their existence.   Nowadays, people often get stressed out while at work or home due to their hectic lifestyle. This calls for calming down the nerves at some point of their daily schedule by switching their minds into something away from the daily chores. By regular compression of these stress balls, it is possible to take the stress away without spending an arm and a leg.56668d8e3045120ff54ff1f73

What are promotional stress balls?

Stress balls are widely used when one tries to do relaxation for getting rid of stress. These gift items are available in numerous designs, styles, and sizes. These are mostly made up of foam, powder, and gel. It is with repeated squeezing of these balls that a person can get rid of discomforts that are caused due to carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and stress injuries. These low-cost balls could be purchased at local stores. It is their wide usability for a business promotion that enhances their functionality.

What’s so great about these balls?

Another reason that adds to the choice of these balls over other promotional products is their low cost which helps in buying these balls in large quantities without costing you a large sum of money. It should, however, be noticed that depending on the message that you would like to get across to your target audience, you would find a specific shape that would make the balls perfectly matching the needs and requirements of your business. If you find it difficult to get the most appropriate shapes from the existing displays as found around, you can go for customized stress balls that you could use after personalizing them with your company details.

How stress balls can help?

Whether it is meeting deadlines, household chores or relations with some colleagues in the office, the use of promotional stress balls is a great way to get rid of any of the stress-causing experiences. The high importances with which these items are made use of by people make them the right advertising tool for businesses. The presence of company name and logo on these balls reminds the user of your business existence. In addition, these balls are also used for a wide array of reasons beyond the usual expectations and that give the added reasons to use these balls for wider business publicity.

It is the attractive nature of promotional stress balls and the amazing display when shown in exhibition venues that make these items such a huge success. It is their elegance that attracts people to them. At the exhibition stands, the presence of these balls provides an opportunity to make visitors find out about your products and services and distributing these balls to them provides an opportunity to help in reminding them about your brand.

Customized Stress Balls – Bring Happiness With Productivity In Office

Stress has become a major cause for concern in most people’s lifestyle in this fast pace of life today. Life no longer is what it used to be previously with its hassle-free lifestyle. However, the present-day lifestyle has its own share of incapacitating consequences, some of which are deadly at times. Stress is now considered as a modern-day killer and that need intelligent relievers.

Stress ball has become a major tool for relieving stress. Well, it might seem to be a joke, especially when sophisticated solutions are often recommended by lifestyle experts. The ball is a malleable toy that one needs to hold in their palm and squeeze to get relief from tension in the muscles. Initially, these balls used to be made of foam rubber, but nowadays, the gel is used within the ball that makes these balls of different densities. This has added to its popularity which could be found in the sharp rise in its demand among business owners and corporate honchos who are ordering customized stress balls in bulk for their employees as gift or promotional items.

The high popularity of these balls as stress balls is due to the fact that it is simple to use. One only needs to squeeze the ball over and over again and that causes relaxation of the hand and arm muscles which is replicated all through the body. They are quite useful when used in an office situation where it is difficult to concentrate. Their small sizes make them easy to use anywhere. And there are no unrealistic demands when these small balls are used, which is hard to be found in most other relief options.

Stress balls are also used in the office as a way to tone up muscle and also develop deftness. Hence, if right-handed people squeeze the ball in their left hand that is less active, the muscles will be toned up and help in handling more tasks than what it could do previously. The cheap prices of these balls go easy on the pocket without creating any kind of financial pressure over and above the existing stress.

Another reason for stress balls becoming so popular is the availability of thousands of shapes, designs, and colors that exist in the market. One will come across unique shapes like that of an alligators, aliens, ambulance, eggs, airplane, and many fruits, to name a few. In addition, one gets these balls in thousands of colors and the possibility of customizing these balls to one’s specific needs. One can find a color scheme in online stores and needs only to make the right blend of colors find the right color for the customized stress balls. There are even spaces on the balls for the inclusion of imprint in many fonts like Futura, Arial, and Palatino, etc.

Stress balls are used, keeping the fun aspect into account, and helping you get back into the groove. So visit any of the popular website on Stress Balls, like 1001 Stress Balls, and order your choice of balls to turn your office filled with happiness and gay.

Lead a Happier And Relaxed Life Using Customized Stress Balls

The purchase of stress balls has increased enormously. And there are quite some reasons behind the increasing demand of these stress relievers. The best part about these stress tools would be the fact that they are portable and therefore, extremely easy to carry around. Yet, they also have a number of hidden and underlying features to them.

A lot of organizations purchase customized stress balls and use them as giveaways or gifts for employees. Especially keeping in mind that employees are a section of people who go through a lot of tension, hard work and stress every day, these portable tools can greatly help them with various emotional and physical benefits. Stress balls are known to be a better and cheaper option than therapies, due to the ample of benefits that it offers to us.

Emotional Benefits: With the constant squeezing and releasing of this stress tool, the nerves in our hand get stimulated, which is connected to our brain, this, in turn, helps to liven up emotional moods and change our emotional well-being more toward the positive side. The muscles relax when our hands play around this toy, thus releasing stress and tension to a great level. Playing with this reliever also helps divert our attention and helps us mold our thoughts toward a positive direction. Squeezing the stress ball also releases endorphins that act on our mood levels and improves our emotional state.

Physical Benefits: People who use these stress tools have a lower risk of developing hand injuries. That is because while squeezing, the muscles and bone of our hand and wrist get exercised which greatly improves the condition of hand injuries. Moreover, muscle strength in the hand and fingers get improved, thus reducing the possibility of muscle problems.

Psychological Benefits: Adults and children have a great way to reduce their frustration levels by squeezing these stress toys. They are known to treat children suffering from autism, as kids can then refrain from using repetitive words and indulging in other distractive activities. Stress balls help to focus, due to which they are also a great option for people suffering from ADHD problems. Those who are too hyperactive or suffer from hypertension problems can easily calm and compose themselves by squeezing these toys.

Because of the ample of benefits that these small relievers offer, housewives and employees are being recommended to purchase and use a stress ball daily. Especially for employees, the purchase and use of customized stress balls have increased in large number, because it helps companies keep their manpower focus, relaxed and happy at all times. If you are one of those suffering from tension and stress every day, these toys are undoubtedly the best way to de-stress and relax within your routine activities.

Customized Stress Balls – Making Your Advertising Effective

One of the best ways to gain clientele is through advertising. Practically, there is stress in everyone’s life and for businesses it makes sense to recognize the potential consumers. One effective way to tell about your business to clients is by identifying with the stress they face in their daily life through advertising and personal interaction.

One of the best things about customized stress balls is to identify with the stress of the client and also a means to get across unique advertising without the hefty price involved in traditional marketing. People have the habit of responding to newer things with intrigue and interest and the same is true with stress balls.

There are good chances of your clients experiencing stress regularly and with a careful advertising style you can connect to your client and address the issues that he or she is facing without making any oral communication. Although the message is a sophisticated logo printed on custom stress balls, but the thing to consider is to make it effective. There are many different shapes and sizes available when selecting the specifically customized stress balls that definitely speak your business needs to the client. The choices available are limitless for advertising with stress balls and when it comes to using these balls as a promotional product; these customized stress balls have the potentials to be items that clients find worth keeping for a long time, even after parting ways.

Often these balls are used as takeaway items for potential clients who could find your company even after you have left them before. Not only you get your name out there through advertising, but you can also convince the potential clients about your services or products. The use of customized stress balls helps you get across the message to your clients about how serious you consider your business to be, have a great sense of humor about life, among others. Whenever required, potential clients can give a little squeeze to the balls and count your business, as they find your company’s logo imprinted on them.

The use of stress balls works as a stress-reliever by the repetitive squeezing motion of the foam ball. Although it sounds silly, but these balls act as a reminder to your client about how your company is ready to help them when they find the need and also inform them how hard you are working for your marketing. Clients on seeing the stress balls consider your company as one that understands the stress and is someone trying to offer help to deal with your stressful tasks that remain piling up.  This is an important caring message that is worth considering. With the logo of you company and an ingenious saying imprinted on it, customized stress balls are an effective way to go about advertising about your product and services.

Ease and Relax Your Mind with Bulk Stress Balls

Stress balls are the new fun to stress management. Relieving stress and managing tensions has become easier and simpler with bulk stress balls. These toys come in various shapes and size, with vibrant colors and various techniques to lift your mood in the most distressing manner. These little stress busters have become a popular and effective method of releasing stress and also work upon your emotional and physical needs.

With these toys being small in size, they are portable. You can carry them around anywhere you go and use them at any time of the day or night. Squeezing stress balls has some proven advantages and health benefits, and they also come cheap. You don’t invest much, but the benefits that you get in return last a long time with you. If you feel too stressed out at work, you can just grab one of these stress-releasing tools and squeeze them with your wrist. This activity of squeezing and releasing the ball is known to have some surprising effect on your mood and emotional state of mind. You can divert your attention away from unpleasant and disturbing thoughts and concentrate more on the work that you are doing.

With emotional benefits, these stress toys carry powerful physical benefits with them as well. A lot of people use them to increase and improve their wrist and finger strength. The more you make your wrist and fingers exercise by squeezing stress balls, the better impact the toy has on your muscles. Blood circulation from and to your wrist, hand and fingers are increased, thus creating a sense of relaxation and relief.

To give you more insight on these fun toys, stress balls are also known to treat autism in people. You might find it hard to believe that a simple toy such as this can bring a huge difference to people suffering from various psychological problems.  Doctors and psychologists refer to these stress balls as one of the most effective therapy modes, which has been helpful in helping people get rid of hyper-activities and hypertension.

If you are looking for an easy way of getting yourself relaxed and stress-free, bulk stress balls is an apt tool for you. Easy to carry and cost-effective, stress balls have brought about a very creative and different edge to managing stress and tension. With bulk stress balls, you hardly have anything to lose but undoubtedly a whole lot of benefits to gain for your health, mood, and state of mind.