Promotional Stress Balls –An Easy and Affordable Way for Business Promotion

The bad experience that out body comes across from our daily life is reflected as stress. However, it is important that our stress should get released in some way. Or else it will lead to serious illnesses in us. And an easy and affordable way to get this stress released from our body is the use of promotional stress balls. Nowadays, stress balls are often used as giveaways to customers at different trade shows as well as healthcare events. This not only helps in promotion of business, but the ball could be used to effectively release stress by the person using it. This is because as they squeeze the ball, they are reminded of your brand and business while getting relief from stress. The logo-imprinted ball provides not only information about the cause for which they are doled out, but they also act as stress-relieving balls which the receivers can use and lead a stress-free life.2602035_190

Different Types of Stress Balls

There are different sizes and hardness of promotional stress balls available that help anyone to get their shape of balls as per their requirements. Some of the commonly used balls that are often used as promotional stuff are as follows:

  • Beanbag balls – Made of leather, these balls are a little harder compared to rubber balls. These balls are of great use for those who prefer squeezing the ball while using it. Mostly, it is women who use these balls.
  • Rubber balls – This type of balls have rubber inside. The material gives the ball a hard and solid consistency that gives a great sense of relief to the arm and muscle.
  • Chinese stress balls – These balls come with beautiful Chinese symbols on the ball surface along with the feature of chiming. As the ball is rolled around the palm, there is playing of a soothing melody that helps in diverting the mind and also giving a feeling of calm in the mind of the user.
  • Liquid filled balls – This is the most fascinating of the different available balls. These balls have water or gel within and due to their transparency, they make the ball fascinating. In many of the liquid filled balls, one can find glistening confetti or glitters that make the balls more charming and attractive. A point of caution, though, one should not be too harsh while using the ball as there are good chances of the balls bursting.
  • Foam balls – Often seen in business events, trade shows, conventions, and fairs, these balls make an excellent source of business promotion.

How Do Stress Balls Help Us?

Some of the important reasons that show Promotional Stress Balls are an excellent gift item are as follows:

  • Due to the diversion of our thought away from any kind of negative influences of stress, stress balls are excellent means to work as stress relievers. By repeated squeezing of the ball, our mind slowly becomes stable, free from stress.
  • Squeezing the ball stimulates blood circulation and improves blood flow. As the muscles are contracted due to squeezing of the ball, the blood flow improves and helps in reenergizing the body.

The thinking process also improves as the ball is repeatedly squeezed.


Why Bulk Stress Balls are Ideal for Marketing and Promotional Events

Stress relievers play an important role in our lives today. Considering the stressful lives that we lead, stress tools such as stress balls are a highly effective tool not just for stressed out individuals but also for promotional and marketing activities. To boost marketing efforts, purchasing bulk stress balls has become a popular option amongst various small and large businesses looking to promote their brand names in a more engaging and appealing manner.

Bulk stress balls are clearly a distinct and unique marketing tool that your business can use. The main aim of using stress balls for marketing and promotional events is the fact that companies can customize these tools with its business name, message, and logo, and distribute them on various occasions. Bulk stress balls make ideal marketing gifts in the form of giveaways, complimentary gifts, thank you tokens and more and can be distributed to employees, clients, customers and office visitors.

There are a lot of reasons that can support the idea of using bulk stress balls during business events. Right from the price of these stress tools to their effectiveness in terms of health and fitness, bulk stress balls can improve your brand reputation and display your brand name in a much more attractive and unique manner.

• These tools are cost-friendly

One of the most important reasons why businesses are inclined towards purchasing bulk stress balls is because of their rates. These tools are either way very cost-effective. And when you purchase these stress relievers in bulk, you can get them at extremely affordable rates. For the amount of money that you would pay for these marketing tools, your business can reap higher interests and value by using them during promotional events and customizing them with your company name, message, or logo.

• Attractive assortment

Stress balls are available in various shapes, styles, and colors, which make them appealing gifts during various business events. Talking about attracting the attention of customers and visitors, then no other tool other than stress balls can efficiently offer. Their impressive range of styles and colors can be used in a nice assortment as giveaways during marketing events, and they can play an important role in displaying your brand name in anappealing and unique way.

• Everyone can use them

Due to the health benefits that these stress relievers offer, they make great gifts for anyone and everyone. These tools are something that people with varying natures and across different age groups can use with ease. When you use these stress tools during promotional events, you don’t need to specifically stress on a certain target audience or group, which helps spread your brand name to a larger section of people. You can target diverse sections of the audience by using something as flexible and diverse as stress balls during company events.

• Portable and flexible

Due to their size, these stress relievers can be carried around with great ease, due to which they can be used anytime and at anyplace you want. You can distribute these tools and give your customers the convenience of leading a healthier and stress-free life as these tools are very flexible and portable, offering more freedom to use these relievers as an important health tool in everyday life.

Bulk stress balls are one of the most popular and convenient marketing tools for your business. You can customize and use these stress relievers for various promotional events and marketing campaigns, and display your brand name in a unique and distinct way. At the best prices, you can contact a recognized dealer to purchase these stress relievers in bulk and customize them with great options for a better value.

The Sharp Rise In Use Of Custom Stress Balls

The modern world is not only lots of activity, but many of these are stress related work. To alleviate stress, people often make use of custom stress balls. The good thing about these balls is that there are a wide collection of these custom products that are available in the market. One easy way to make a choice of stress balls is to chec1e9527090c66fd0ee4950ba3c1544back on the Internet. Due to the availability of a wide choice, you may want to spend time going through the available balls.

One will come across the different custom stress balls that are on display online and which are offered by the various online shops. It is important to take a note of the details available like how the custom message or the company logo and name is printed, and may be the reason behind the promotion. It is also necessary to find out the price that needs to be paid for a single stress ball. Looking at all these factors will help you finish your shopping correctly. Along with these points, you should also take note of the time required for the different types of stress balls.

There are custom stress balls that are shaped like a small chair and are enough to place your cell phone. Then there are animal shaped balls made to order. The animals which one can order as stress balls include the wild animal forms, farm animals, and also domesticated animals. The bright colors of animals and the availability of squeezing are quite inviting to find the extent of relief you can get using one of these custom stress balls.

One can also come across stress balls that are designed keeping the specific profession in mind. Hence, the medical community can order something resembling hearts, pills, eye-shaped or much more. Businesses related to sporting community could go for tennis balls, foot balls, golf balls and many others. In addition, one can order custom stress balls resembling specific industries.

Why Stress Ball is The Best Thing To Happen to Your Campaign?

A business has to be promoted to generate maximum buzz in the market. It’s the talking that generates new customers to you. A company, old or new, needs to go an extra mile to grab attention of the crowd. What’s best way to stir the potential clients with a free gift! Everyone loves to receive a pleasant surprise. So, getting something more than for what they are paying for is always a pleasure for a buyer.cccc

It’s a responsibility on part of a marketing team to amuse the buyers with the gift. Let’s just accept key chains, pens, or chewing gums are not impressing at all. In most cases, they will be dumped in the most ignored corner of receiver’s home. To make a good brand image, you have to select your gift wisely. A fruitful item that has an impact on human life makes an ideal present. Custom stress balls are the perfect fit that suits the criteria. Here is why.

  1. This plays a significant role to keep people fresh and friendly

Stress balls are essential stress-busters that are capable of calming the anxious mind almost instantly. At the moment of stress, this works excellently to keep one cool. Just holding, pressing, and releasing it will reduce the stress build-up bringing noticeable improvement in your psychological condition. People don’t put any extra effort or time for that.

  1. Proved helpful for everyone

Current studies proved that most of the American citizens are suffering due to excessive stress. People running the busy errands hardly gets any time for relaxing. According to the doctors, an adult must take at least eight hours of sleep to live a stress-free life. However, many of us would find it an impossible practice. In such cases, easy stress-busters like custom stress balls have been life-savers.

Considering how these balls are in demand, it’s easy to comprehend that they are already a hit item to use as a promotional gift. Target audience: from a professional to a student, all would be impressed with this one gift.

How to reduce stress build-up in 10 minutes!

Let’s admit we all face those moments when tension creeps in our head. Our heart beat rises, brain activity impairs and we feel helpless. American Psychological Association (APA) has already declared stress as a real threat to everyone. People from different age groups, occupation, social and economical status can be equally affected by excessive stress!pu_strong_style_color_b82220_stress_ball_strong_printed_your_strong_style_color_b82220_logo_strong

Doctor recommends a balanced diet, eight hours of sound sleep, and exercise for living a healthy, stress-free life. However, this would take extra time and effort. People with a hectic schedule who need to run errands every day can hardly follow doctor’s advice. In such cases, there are few easy ways that can be effective for reducing anxiety instantly.

  1. Slurping honey

Honey has natural composition that can lower the tension and makes you feel light in a few minutes.

  1. Eating mango

Tasty and juicy mango is the most delicious way to get rid of stress problems. Eat the golden fruit whenever you start stressing up and you will feel good in no time.

  1. Munching snacks

Not just any junk but healthy snacks such as nuts, almonds etc can effectively reduce the stress instantly.

  1. Taking a nap

If nothing is available near to you, just take a five minutes nap. This would be enough for keeping the stress away.

  1. Creative imagination

You can try this technique to distract your mind and escape in fantasy world for few minutes. Beautiful imagination can remove anxiety from your head.

  1. Squeezing stress balls

Squeezing these soft balls manipulates your brain nerves in positive manner and helps you to relax. You may get personalized stress balls free with some other products as a promotional gift!

  1. Cold water therapy

If you are in verge of breaking down in tensed moment, just head towards the washroom and pour cold water on your wrist and behind the years. The nerves around these places are directly attached to the brain. Cool water calms down the mind immediately.

Promote Stress-free life along with Your Brand

What is better than a promotional strategy that attracts the customers and generates business for the company? – Perhaps a gift that is useful to the customers will be even better. The customers, on the other hand, evolve a good impression about the particular brand. A highly relevant gift, such as brain stress ball, increases your company’s reputation as well as creates a positive image about your products and services. Lately, promotional stress balls have been considered as highly relevant and effective gift item that is helpful for everyone who is suffering from stress related issues.

promotional stress balls

In a country, where a large number of people are experiencing excessive stress due to hectic lifestyle, these balls will naturally grab the attention. These balls are tiny and soft that one needs to grip in one hand at the heated moment and squeeze it gently. The repetitive action of squeezing and releasing pressure manipulates the brain nerves and emit natural sedative to calm the restless mind. It conveniently destructs the anxious mind and makes you feel better. The best part is that one can easily carry promotional stress balls at the office, school, or university and do the simple exercise even without making any extra effort.

If you are yet to be convinced, do a small research on the current health condition of The United States. As per research, almost half of the American citizens is suffering from an anxiety attack. Tension is affecting one’s mental and physical health often in a critical way. As per the doctors, the gradual downfall in relationship is also a side-effect of hypertension. In extreme cases, stress can trigger diseases like heart problems, high pressure, depression etc. However, stress can be controlled by strict and disciplined life. Sufficient rest, eight hours of sleep, healthy diet, and regular exercise can save you from unwanted complications. Anyway, sometimes, these things are not enough. People look for something handier that can reduce the stress build-up instantly. Your promotional gift can be bliss at such moments.

Simple ways to live life stress-free

Stress is a real problem. From the school kids to the IT executives, to the doctors to homemakers, everyone has to deal with anxiety. It can be work pressure, personal life, study or career planning that’s generating nervousness in you. However, no matter from where you are forming the problem, it must be checked and brought under control. Stress build up can be source of multiple physical and mental discomforts so practice stress busting exercises immediately. Trust us when we say it can be done without much expense and effort.TGFT-PU010-SN-1

You can relieve moment’s anxiety with help of Custom stress balls. However, for long-term result you have to practice a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy balanced diet, exercise, yoga and rest. An adult must sleep for 8 hours a day so that his/her body can relax and relives the stress naturally. During sleep people release the fatigue and restore the energy to carry out the next day’s activity. If you are not getting enough sleep the body will ran out the necessary energy and try hard to do day-to-day’s work stressing you further.

Having nutrient rich food like fish (rich with omega acid, protein), milk (vitamin B, D, Calcium), yogurt, carrot in your daily diet chart will keep you healthy and stress-free as well. Do change in caffeine habit. Replace tea and coffee with green tea. Organic tea is good to refresh you and reduce anger and anxiety in the process. At break time, munch some snacks to calm down the entire day’s stress. Instead of sugary snacks, grab some nuts, almonds or celery sticks for natural bursting of the stress. You can indulge into a dark chocolate. That’s the yummiest way to fight the tension. A few pound of chocolate will lessen the stress build-up in minutes.

Carry Customized Stress Balls and clutch it whenever you feel body is getting tensed. This simply manipulates the brain nerves and relaxes you easily. With all these doing exercise and yoga is important for keeping the body and mind fit and fresh.