Promotional Stress Balls –An Easy and Affordable Way for Business Promotion

The bad experience that out body comes across from our daily life is reflected as stress. However, it is important that our stress should get released in some way. Or else it will lead to serious illnesses in us. And an easy and affordable way to get this stress released from our body is the use of promotional stress balls. Nowadays, stress balls are often used as giveaways to customers at different trade shows as well as healthcare events. This not only helps in promotion of business, but the ball could be used to effectively release stress by the person using it. This is because as they squeeze the ball, they are reminded of your brand and business while getting relief from stress. The logo-imprinted ball provides not only information about the cause for which they are doled out, but they also act as stress-relieving balls which the receivers can use and lead a stress-free life.2602035_190

Different Types of Stress Balls

There are different sizes and hardness of promotional stress balls available that help anyone to get their shape of balls as per their requirements. Some of the commonly used balls that are often used as promotional stuff are as follows:

  • Beanbag balls – Made of leather, these balls are a little harder compared to rubber balls. These balls are of great use for those who prefer squeezing the ball while using it. Mostly, it is women who use these balls.
  • Rubber balls – This type of balls have rubber inside. The material gives the ball a hard and solid consistency that gives a great sense of relief to the arm and muscle.
  • Chinese stress balls – These balls come with beautiful Chinese symbols on the ball surface along with the feature of chiming. As the ball is rolled around the palm, there is playing of a soothing melody that helps in diverting the mind and also giving a feeling of calm in the mind of the user.
  • Liquid filled balls – This is the most fascinating of the different available balls. These balls have water or gel within and due to their transparency, they make the ball fascinating. In many of the liquid filled balls, one can find glistening confetti or glitters that make the balls more charming and attractive. A point of caution, though, one should not be too harsh while using the ball as there are good chances of the balls bursting.
  • Foam balls – Often seen in business events, trade shows, conventions, and fairs, these balls make an excellent source of business promotion.

How Do Stress Balls Help Us?

Some of the important reasons that show Promotional Stress Balls are an excellent gift item are as follows:

  • Due to the diversion of our thought away from any kind of negative influences of stress, stress balls are excellent means to work as stress relievers. By repeated squeezing of the ball, our mind slowly becomes stable, free from stress.
  • Squeezing the ball stimulates blood circulation and improves blood flow. As the muscles are contracted due to squeezing of the ball, the blood flow improves and helps in reenergizing the body.

The thinking process also improves as the ball is repeatedly squeezed.


Increase Brand Awareness With Promotional Stress Balls

As part of marketing strategy, stress balls work as an ideal marketing tool to help in brand promotion and business development. Their popularity could be gauged from the fact that these items are the best-selling promotional products for the many years of their existence.   Nowadays, people often get stressed out while at work or home due to their hectic lifestyle. This calls for calming down the nerves at some point of their daily schedule by switching their minds into something away from the daily chores. By regular compression of these stress balls, it is possible to take the stress away without spending an arm and a leg.56668d8e3045120ff54ff1f73

What are promotional stress balls?

Stress balls are widely used when one tries to do relaxation for getting rid of stress. These gift items are available in numerous designs, styles, and sizes. These are mostly made up of foam, powder, and gel. It is with repeated squeezing of these balls that a person can get rid of discomforts that are caused due to carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and stress injuries. These low-cost balls could be purchased at local stores. It is their wide usability for a business promotion that enhances their functionality.

What’s so great about these balls?

Another reason that adds to the choice of these balls over other promotional products is their low cost which helps in buying these balls in large quantities without costing you a large sum of money. It should, however, be noticed that depending on the message that you would like to get across to your target audience, you would find a specific shape that would make the balls perfectly matching the needs and requirements of your business. If you find it difficult to get the most appropriate shapes from the existing displays as found around, you can go for customized stress balls that you could use after personalizing them with your company details.

How stress balls can help?

Whether it is meeting deadlines, household chores or relations with some colleagues in the office, the use of promotional stress balls is a great way to get rid of any of the stress-causing experiences. The high importances with which these items are made use of by people make them the right advertising tool for businesses. The presence of company name and logo on these balls reminds the user of your business existence. In addition, these balls are also used for a wide array of reasons beyond the usual expectations and that give the added reasons to use these balls for wider business publicity.

It is the attractive nature of promotional stress balls and the amazing display when shown in exhibition venues that make these items such a huge success. It is their elegance that attracts people to them. At the exhibition stands, the presence of these balls provides an opportunity to make visitors find out about your products and services and distributing these balls to them provides an opportunity to help in reminding them about your brand.

Why Promotional Stress Balls is a Good Idea?

Building a promotional campaign could be a challenging task to the marketing team of a company. Generally, offering a free gift with the product or service is a smart and popular idea that attracts and impresses the target audience. However, now that it’s a common practice, everyone is offering something extrastress-300x239 to their potential customers.

To stay ahead of the crowd and grab the attention of consumer market, you have to provide a gift that will be useful and important for the prospective buyers. Promotional stress balls are exactly what you need for building a successful campaign within budget. Here is why:

  It’s a relevant gift

As per the research of American Psychological Association, stress is the foremost cause of multiple major and minor complications in human body. This can trigger diseases like heart problems, high pressure, obesity and much more. Not only it harms your physical health, often growing stress affects emotional health as well. The doctors have confirmed anxiety is a prime reason working behind relationship failures. As the situation suggests, an easy stress-buster solution like stress balls will be highly relevant.

It is useful

These soft and flexible balls have great, positive impact on restless mind. It is so made that the simple action of squeezing and releasing the ball in your grip will be able to lower the stress almost instantly. Even in tensed moment, this exercise will keep you calm, fresh, and focused. It also makes your muscle around the hand active and strong.

It’s portable

The balls are small and light in weight. Anyone can carry it in their bag or briefcase and use it whenever or wherever they feel any uncomfortable build-up happening within their mind.

It’s cost effective

If you are worried about the cost of the promotional campaign, promotional stress balls are your right solution for you. You can avail them in bulk at a cheaper rate. Just fire up your laptop and search for companies providing this product on internet. For making it more effective, select customized balls in cute shapes and patterns.

Awesome Promotional Gifts to Impress Your Customers

Promotional_Stress_Balls-_An_Introduction_to_the_10_Best_Selling_Fruit_Shaped_Stress_BallsThe success of a promotional campaign depends on how efficiently the marketing team comprehends and manipulates people’s mind to turn them into potential buyers. The expert team dedicated for brand introduction or endorsement does a thorough research on their target demographic to find out their likings, needs, and priorities. These are the essential key factors that would be used to shape up a promotional activity and direct it in the right way. The promotional program may include an attractive gift item for generating more buyers.

The gifts you pick must be capable of grabbing the attention and impressing the target demographic. Here are few gift ideas that will fit the contemporary market.

  1. Flash drive/ pen drives etc.

If your target clients are people from IT world or tech-savvy generation, electronic gadgets like flash drives will instantly make an impression. One can try offering differently styled or customized pen drives and flash drives to generate potential customers from IT workers and turning them into buyers.

  1. Customized bag

The biggest misconception with bags is that these are only for women customers. In real, the bags are amazing gifts with which one can draw the attention of diverse tastes, choices, and even requirements. You have to pick the right bag.

  1. Totes- Offer totes to the working women and homemakers.
  2. Bag-packs- Everybody, from school kids to young men and women loves to receive bag packs.
  • Duffle or gym bags- People following fitness regimen, while going to gym would like to have one such bag in their closet.

  1. Stress balls

Promotional stress balls are a kind gift that will be equally relevant to a university student and a seasoned businessman. Stress affects everyone. And when it starts rising inside someone’s mind, it disrupts the natural thinking process. In those anxious moments brain stress balls reduce tension and calm down the restless mind. You can easily plan your campaign with this simple but highly functional gift.

Why Not Design Promotional Stress Balls For Your Brand?

It is needless to say that 1001stressballs offers a wide selection of stress balls, because you probably have checked them out already. We are regularly adding stress relievers everyday to our existing wide collection. You are sure to find some stress balls that meets your advertising needs, but why not customize your own stress relievers? The good news is that you can design custom stress ball shapes that are less expensive at 1001 Stress Balls.custom_promotional_stress_balls_1

Why should your custom stress balls be personalized with the same shape as you competitors? It is definitely an embarrassment to hand out the same shaped stress balls at the venue as your competitors.

If your organization or company has its own mascot or if you want a ball shaped like your business logo, 1001stressballs can help you with that!

Does your company or organization have its own mascot? Do you want a custom stress ball that’s shaped like your business logo? We can help you with that!

Why not use your creative streak and design your customized stress balls to give an original giveaway? It could be a particular shape, animal, or style that you find best represents your organization or company but you are unable to find it out. Take the matter into your own hands and contact 1001 Stress Balls about creating your promotional stress balls.

If you want to create your own stress balls, just contact 1001 Stress Balls sales associate and set the ball rolling. You can email us at or call us at 888-396-7666. With a minimum number of pieces ordered, we could create personalized stress reliever shapes on your doorstep for your special day.

For additional information on shapes and sizes of your stress balls, contact

Promote Stress-free life along with Your Brand

What is better than a promotional strategy that attracts the customers and generates business for the company? – Perhaps a gift that is useful to the customers will be even better. The customers, on the other hand, evolve a good impression about the particular brand. A highly relevant gift, such as brain stress ball, increases your company’s reputation as well as creates a positive image about your products and services. Lately, promotional stress balls have been considered as highly relevant and effective gift item that is helpful for everyone who is suffering from stress related issues.

promotional stress balls

In a country, where a large number of people are experiencing excessive stress due to hectic lifestyle, these balls will naturally grab the attention. These balls are tiny and soft that one needs to grip in one hand at the heated moment and squeeze it gently. The repetitive action of squeezing and releasing pressure manipulates the brain nerves and emit natural sedative to calm the restless mind. It conveniently destructs the anxious mind and makes you feel better. The best part is that one can easily carry promotional stress balls at the office, school, or university and do the simple exercise even without making any extra effort.

If you are yet to be convinced, do a small research on the current health condition of The United States. As per research, almost half of the American citizens is suffering from an anxiety attack. Tension is affecting one’s mental and physical health often in a critical way. As per the doctors, the gradual downfall in relationship is also a side-effect of hypertension. In extreme cases, stress can trigger diseases like heart problems, high pressure, depression etc. However, stress can be controlled by strict and disciplined life. Sufficient rest, eight hours of sleep, healthy diet, and regular exercise can save you from unwanted complications. Anyway, sometimes, these things are not enough. People look for something handier that can reduce the stress build-up instantly. Your promotional gift can be bliss at such moments.

Relieving Stress can be Your Next Promotional Strategy

The best way to promote your brand is to make a campaign with the latest and relevant themes. With the evident changes in the life of people, the old and popular choices of promotional gifts have been losing their value. A deeper study of the consumer market will reveal the basic requirements, expectations and interests of your target audience. Accentuating these facts, the marketing specialists can fetch the best promotional strategies with promotional stress balls that not only promote the brand but help the client in multiple ways.promotional-stress-balls

Why Brain Stress Balls?

Current surveys and medical records have proved how stress is distressing a large population in America. The condition has intensified and now the issue is evolving as the biggest reason behind several mental and physical complications. There are easy and natural ways to live stress-free life but current hectic schedule and busy lifestyle demand something more than just balanced diet and sound sleep. Stress balls are small and soft balls easy to carry and use. One can burst stress and feel calm by squeezing it and releasing it repeatedly. The repeated action manipulates the brain nerves to relieve the disturbed mind. Also, it effortlessly diverts your mind from the root cause of the tension.

Another reason for selecting stress release balls as your promotional gift would be its same significance among clients from different ages, localities, genders and professions. Stress can affect a university student, a corporate employee as well as a homemaker or creative person. Therefore, gifting Promotional Stress Balls to them will be also considered as a caring gesture. The best thing about these items is they look cute while serving a serious issue. The light weight portable goods can be tossed inside a handbag or one can just keep it inside their office desk and utilize it in need. Customized with company logo and slogan they make a great gift for your clients.